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Look behind the scenes: Milan Leussink

Milan Leussink

Milan Leussink (33), married and father of a daughter and son, started at Huka as a mechanic for the Copilot and has been working as a Service mechanic for a year now. Before this, he worked for several employers in logistics before finally landing at Huka. “I have come a long way to finally end up at Huka. I find that special and I am happy to work here”, Milan said.

From security guard to Service mechanic

“In my teens, I started training as a security guard because I wanted to work for the defence forces. Unfortunately, I got a knee injury and did not qualify for the defence. After that, I worked for several companies in logistics. I didn’t like my last job in logistics anymore because I didn’t get to participate in decisions, but I did have a lot of responsibility. A friend of mine told me about Huka and said that I would fit in there 100 per cent. And that’s true, because here all doors are always open and people listen to you. Because of the open and down-to-earth corporate culture, anything is possible.”

Cycling to Huka

“Since I started working at Huka, I’ve been cycling to work. I used to drive a nice old Mercedes and now I cycle every day. I eventually sold the car, so I wasn’t tempted to take the car anyway. I didn’t like cycling alone against the wind, so I bought an electric bike. I like cycling so much that sometimes, when my wife takes me out in bad weather, I even miss it. Besides work, I also enjoy socialising and barbecuing. I prefer to do that all year round. Sometimes I hold a winter barbecue with friends.”

A working day of Milan

“The first thing I do is grab a cup of coffee and have a chat with my colleagues. Then I start where I left off the previous day. As a service technician, the working day is very diverse. From office work, talking to customers to fitting all the parts on our Huka bikes, there is a solution for everything! When I started at Huka as a Copilot mechanic, one of our tandems in the Huka collection, I gained a lot of knowledge. As a result, I learned a lot about how Huka bikes are put together. Now that I work in the service department I have even more diversity. I tinker with all the bikes in the Huka collection. If something has to be replaced or if you want a spare part I can help you with everything. I am happy to talk to you and together we will find a suitable solution. For more information you can also click on this link Service department.”

Proud of quality

“Everyone within Huka has their own specialism. Is the workload in a certain department high? Then someone will be made to step in. Sometimes you help other departments as well. It is great that you can support each other in this way. I find that very important. With all colleagues together, you always find a solution! I am also proud of the quality we deliver. Also, we like to learn from our customers’ feedback and try to turn this feedback into improvements.”



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