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Elektrische driewieler Vasco
Tricycle Vasco Sturdy design with mid-motor
  • Cool Dutch Design with aluminum frame.
  • Simply maneuverable thanks to the special three-wheel construction with a low center of gravity and the differential on the rear wheels.
Driewielfietse met instelbare rugleuning
Tricycle Cortes The most power tricycle in its class
  • Optimal seating and riding comfort due to various seating systems and adjustable suspension
  • Large action radius (up to 75 km).
  • Load up to 150 kg.
Driewieler City zijaanzicht
Tricycle City The sporty Dutch design city bike
  • Extremely stable, safe and maneuverable due to the differential and low center of gravity.
  • Equipped with rear hydraulic disc brakes, which require less hand power.
elektrische duofiets zijkant
Duo bike Orthros The social bike
  • Extremely stable and maneuverable due to its ingenious construction, differential and low center of gravity.
  • Eye contact and a pleasant chat while cycling is easy to do.
Huka Diaz, zijaanzicht groen zwart
Wheelchair bike Diaz Bike & wheelchair in one
  • Standard equipped with a Bafang mid-motor that provides a natural drive.
  • The wheelchair part is easy to connect and disconnect without disconnecting brake and/ or gear cables.
Rollfiets Duet
Wheelchair bike Duet Bike & wheelchair in one
  • Available with electric support.
  • Thanks to various adjustment options the bike can be adjusted to the posture of the passenger.
Tandem Copilot Suitable for children & adults
  • The supervisor at the rear has an optimal view of the co-driver.
  • Available with and without electrical assistance (Bafang) in two models: supervisor - child (24”) & supervisor - adult (26”).
Tandem Copilot 3 Stable with three wheels
  • Extremely stable due to the two wheels in front. Also for mobile passengers.
  • Available in two models: supervisor - adult & supervisor- child.
Aangepaste kinderfiets AT-A zijaanzicht
Children’s bike AT-A Happy & safe for kids
  • Safe to get on and off and easy to maneuver, due to its three-wheel construction and low center of gravity.
  • The light running bike with stable handling.
Aangepaste kinderfiets AT-B zijaanzicht
Children’s bike AT-B Happy & safe for kids
  • Available in two sizes: AT-A and AT-B.
  • Safe to get on and off and easy to maneuver, due to its three-wheel construction and low center of gravity.
Pendel zijaanzicht
Wheelchair scooter Pendel Scooter for wheelchair users
  • Fully independently operated with a range of up to 50 km.
  • The electric drive makes the Pendel quiet, emission free and inexpensive to use.

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