Our story

We’ve been making a difference for nearly 50 years

We are based in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands. For nearly 50 years we have been developing and manufacturing bikes that make a world of difference to their riders. Your mobility, independence and freedom are our passion. Our committed team supplies a wide range of innovative bikes, all with genuine Dutch design, both at home and far abroad.

We have representatives in countries including America, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Germany. Our focus is not on supplying products for people with a disability, but on supplying solutions that keep you mobile. Our bikes can be used by anyone. If a model appeals to you and has the functionality you seek, then that is the Huka for you. Our team takes visible pride and enjoyment in working on (new) solutions. That’s what we try to do every day − without limitations. Only the best solution will do.

As easy as possible.

Making our customers’ lives as easy as possible; that’s what’s kept us occupied every day for nearly 50 years. And we’ve come a long way. Huka is known for its high service level and far-reaching commitment. If we think a bike can be improved even further, we get to work on a solution, as quickly and effectively as possible. We are overflowing with innovative ambition and are continually updating. We look at individual riders and their needs, and try to meet them in the best possible way. With the required functionality, of course, but also with genuine Dutch design and matching quality, at prices of which we are proud.

Our history

An established player

Huka began its activities by developing seating systems for children with disabilities.

History Huka
Ben Kamp & Louis Huttenhuis Founders of Huka
Our history

The legendary Skwirrel

In 1987 we introduced the Skwirrel: an electric wheelchair that allows children to move forward and backward, as well as up and down!

History Huka
Revolutionary wheelchair for children Vertical mobility thanks to the high-low function.
Our history

Completely new product: the AT Tricycles

The first tricycles from Huka, available in 4 sizes: AT-A till AT-D.

History Huka
Busy welding parts The first tricycles in the world with a differential!
Our history

First tricycle manufacturer worldwide with differential drive.

Today, every tricycle manufacturer applies this type of drive.


Huka differentieel
The differential ensures that the three wheels always maintain contact with the ground and turns can be taken easily.
Our history

Successor to the Skwirrel

The Skwirrel wheelchair received a worthy successor in 2007: the Skwirrel II.

History Huka
Modernized technology Simply putting the letter in the mail was made possible.
Our history

Range expanded by merging Freewheel products

Serving multiple target groups with a more complete product range.

History Huka
Out and about with the Pendel Independent motorized mobility for wheelchair users.
Our history

New bicycle in the range: duo bike Orthros

With the arrival of the duo bike, we got an even more complete program.

History Huka
The first Orthros On the first bikes that went out the door a small beer was drunk
Our history

The first seat tricycle of Huka: Cortes

The modern seat tricycle Cortes was the first tricycle with a sleek Dutch Design.

driewieler Cortes
The first tricycle with a mid-motor. Equipped with a robust frame.

Vasco: Tricycle with tough Dutch Design.

The first tricycle bike with aluminum frame.

Historie Huka
The Vasco is characterized by its tough appearance. Includes mid motor.


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