Wheelchair scooter Pendel

Are you dependent on a wheelchair and would like to travel greater distances independently and safely?

Meet the Pendel! The wheelchair scooter is the alternative to the car or (regional) cab.  The wheelchair scooter Pendel is completely independently controllable with an action radius of up to 50 km.

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Description and advantages

Independently drive away where you want to go.


  • Easy fast and independent travel with the manual wheelchair.
  • The suspended front fork and air suspension at the rear provide a comfortable ride.
  • The electric drive makes the Pendel quiet, emission free and inexpensive to use.
  • Meets strict European safety requirements and is approved as a medical device.

The Pendel: the scooter for wheelchair users

You drive the wheelchair in the scooter without help from others and you just stay in the your chair. So a strenuous transfer is not necessary. The driving comfort is something you really need to experience for yourself during a test drive. For example, experience the air suspension on the rear axles. These ensure a comfortable ride

The safety of the wheelchair scooter Pendel has been tested and approved in all areas. For example, the Pendel has 2 driving modes, a large battery capacity, powerful drum and hydraulic brakes and a dashboard with display. The large headlight offers an enormous light output, so you have good visibility while driving and you are also well seen by other road users. With a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a range of up to 60 kilometers, you will get where you need to go quickly and safely. What a freedom!

Independent, safe & comfortable on the road

The Pendel comes standard with 2 driving modes and a reverse function. Because of the drum and hydraulic braking system, you are able to brake in a controlled and powerful manner. This ensures a short braking distance.

Do you have specific needs for optimal driving? We can make specific individual adjustments to your wheelchair scooter. The Pendel is available in six stylish colors: black, blue, gray, green, red and orange. On request, we can also deliver a specific RAL color of your choice.


Material frame & coating steel, epoxy coated (less environmentally damaging)
Body coated polyester
Range in km 40-60
Maximum rise in degrees 17
Tyre size front 3,00 - 10"
Tyre size rear 3,00 - 12"
Maximum load in kg 125
Length in mm 1760
Width in mm standard version: 1000, widened version: 1080
Invalide scootmobiel

The wheelchair scooter Pendel is equipped with a number of standard parts.

A detailed description of the standard version can be found below in the document '(technical) product information'. We can also adapt the Pendel to your personal situation.

Thumb gas control, left
Extra mirror, right
Extra mirror, right
Seat Belt

Accessories & options

Every driver is unique. You can choose from a variety of accessories to customize the wheelchair scooter Pendel. Like an extra mirror, transfer handles or a custom made ramp.


The Pendel: every driver is unique

Your Pendel can be put together entirely as you wish. Let your Pendel ride begin!

To gain insight into the possibilities, you will find several documents below. Of course, we can also advise you on the possibilities.


Service & warranty

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